Affordable Home Loans Rates Texas

Affordable Home Loans Rates Texas

Ashe Morgan
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Before one contacts the home mortgage lender, it is important to know beforehand if he or she will qualify for the type of loan he or she is after. There are several things that the lender will go over with the individual that will show him or her whether or not he or she qualifies. Asking about requirements will help one know right away if he or she is eligible.

The sum prime crises began in the year 2005-06 with the high default rates on "subprime" and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). The pursuit of rising housing prices had encouraged borrowers to go for difficult mortgages in the hope to refinance it at more favorable terms. However, things never go as we predict and the worst was near, nobody ever thought in their wildest of the dream that this will happen in reality. But it happened with the housing prices started to drop moderately in 2006-07 in many parts of the U.S. On one hand the refinancing became more difficult on the other hand defaults and foreclosure activities increased dramatically. Home prices failed to rise up as anticipated and ARM interest rates reset higher. Housing properties were subject to foreclosure surged to nearly 75%.

This means that the amount of balance that you are going to owe will end up increasing with time since your monthly payment ends up falling below the true interest amount that is currently due. Through the Home Loan Modification program, you can actually go about converting your present home loan to a much safer, fixed-rate conventional mortgage loan that will ensure that the principal on your mortgage will end up decreasing over a period of time and be paid off at the end of the loan term itself.

A third specialty mortgage product is the interest only mortgage. An interest only mortgage is typically the way to close on a property and pay the lowest monthly mortgage payment because you are only paying interest on the loan and not paying any of the principal down. Although this can dramatically lower the monthly payment, an IO product should be avoided in most scenarios. Traditionally, an interest only product was for those that only planned to own the property for a very short amount of time (under 3 years). Most likely, the borrower was going to be rehabbing the home and/or moving out quickly. In this scenario, paying only interest cannot hurt the borrower that much. However, if the borrower uses an interest only mortgage to qualify for a large, pricy home that they cannot afford, then it becomes a bad financial tool. The borrower will not be paying back any of the loan's principal amount and therefore not building up any equity in the home. In a depreciating market, this can be deadly since borrowers may find themselves owing more money than the house is worth. Borrowers should be careful about choosing an interest only mortgage and thoroughly discuss all options with a mortgage broker and a qualified financial advisor.